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  • There will be only 12 bottles of this wine available in Australia and only through Bordeaux & Beyond.

    This is a delicious ready to drink St Emilion Grand Cru Classe from the renowned 2005 vintage.

    Purple colour, aromatic bouquet of black and red fruit (blackcurrant, cherry, blackberry and mulberry as well as bilberry and blueberry) with tones of spice and undergrowth. A subtle nose. On the palate fine tannins appear, which are both elegant and silky.
    Could be kept for between 15 and 30 years.

  • Château de Pressac is situated in the commune of Saint Etienne de Lisse. The vines of the château are established on the limestone plateau of Saint Emilion, rising to 80 metres above the level of the Dordogne River.
    Pressac is an estate covering 42 hectares in one continuous block of land, of which 36 hectares of vines share 3 different types of soil: the plateau, the slopes of the hills and the foot of the hillside.

    After the hand picking of the grapes into small crates, the grapes are completely (100%) destemmed before passing along a triple sorting table. One of these tables being an optical sorting table.
    The different stages of vinification integrate the latest developments in wine making technology. This includes, amongst other processes, a system by which the different fermentation vats are filled entirely by gravity. At the same time, another innovation is the original system of robotic and hydraulic punching down that are installed in the concrete fermentation vats. At the same time, all fermentation vats are equipped with a system of thermo-regulation.

    Maturing occurs in barrels of which 65% are renewed every year and takes place over a period of twelve months.

  • Grape Variety
    Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Carmenere
    Vintage 2005
    Service Decant for a few hours and serve at 16.5°C/60°F
    Terroir & Vineyard
    Limestone Plateau 36 hectares of vines share 3 different types of soil: the plateau, the slopes of the hills and the foot of the hillside
    Appellation St Emilion , Bordeaux


    “Now and again I come across a hidden gem in Bordeaux, and in more recent years when I have done so it has tended to be in St Emilion that I made the discovery. Like many such 'hidden' gems, Château de Pressac can only be described as hiding in plain sight. The château occupies a prominent position on the edge of the limestone plateau, looking down onto the plain below. The very solid rectangular tower that stands proud at one corner is a truly imposing structure which, in reality, is difficult to overlook.”

    “Château de Pressac is notable for many reasons, not least its striking position and appearance. This is the case even though the château today is a pale imitation of what it once was, as during the Medieval period this commanding fortified residence boasted 27 towers. It is also a historically significant château, because it was here in 1453 that the victorious French watched their English opponents sign away their claim to the region after their defeat at the Battle of Castillon. The armistice marked the end of the Hundred Years' War and saw all Bordeaux return to French rule after three hundred years under the English yoke. This estate thus witnessed a turning point in French history, one that defined the shape of the nation as it exists today. No other château in the region can make such a claim.”

    “Wines that are savoury, ripe, interesting and yet not over-done or over-extracted seem hard to come by in Bordeaux these days, so I was excited to discover these wines. I will make sure I revisit them in future, and I am certain to be adding some to my cellar too. They currently offer great value, and that can't last forever. After all, who knows what will happen when the next revision of the St Emilion classification comes along?”


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